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Summer Summary 1

This has been a crazy month. Let me try and catch up.

School began. This is a multi-layered tier of craziness.

First off is everyday chemistry, which I treat like my creative writing class back at the start. Something you guys might not know: I love chemistry, and it's one of the sciences in high school I used to do well. The class, though, is a high school class, with assignments like 'Introcuce your element' and 'rub a balloon with rabbit fur to pick up pepper'. I even have a chemistry set. So, to keep myself from going bananas, I'm doing what I did back in creative writing: Overdoing it, rather than not trying.

Second is Leadership. It is what it says on the tin. Books like 'The 8th Habit' and lectures by Thomas Friedman are the norm. This week's discussion is 'emotional intelligence'. There's two upsides to the class. The first, is that I don't know -any- of this language, and I'm soon to be dealing with people who speak this jargon. The second, as was revealed this weekend. I don't know how to get people excited enough about what I'm doing to form groups. And for future projects, that's essential.

Mid-july will add Project Management and Summit Seminar (where I talk about my accomplishments and learn to write resumes and admissions letters) to the mix. So august will be insane. August is also when my mom visits.

Over this month, I also got to see my friend and Pro Advisors' production of 'The Tempest' in Milwaukee. It was free shakespeare in the park. In any other world, it would just be a light lark.

I need to preface this. I took on arts administration, because I felt it would fill my requirements right, and give me a balance between my day job and finding something 'useful' to do in theatre aside from being the obligatory fat guy. I told myself I was too old and ugly for the fun stuff, and the arc was too steep for hardcore creativity. During this degree process, I learned that I loved this kind of work, and wanted to do more. Upon graduation, I will be doing it as well.

Optimist's version of 'The Tempest' made me realize how good and essential being the back end of a theatre could be. I -want- to be part of Optimist, in the same way that many of my friends would jump at the chance of serving coffee at the set of the next Joss Wheedon fiasco. This was an extrordinary piece, with brilliant actors, inventive workarounds, original music, and giant fucking puppets. Prospero felt like an old man given the opportunity to settle all the accounts of his life, and choosing forgiveness over vengeance. Ariel and Caliban, despite minimal costuming and makeup...Weren't human. At all. The special effects and scenery were the members of a troupe simply called 'the tribe' who served as all the magic, including the very tempest itself. I watched this, and thought...If only I could help. And I realized I could. And well.

I'm going to try for it. It would mean finding work in milwaukee, but...Even if it doesn't work, there's a horror theatre that needs a grant writer, and a rogers park company that needs everything but a grant writer. Come fall, I'll start working. I want to make magic.

Also in fall, (with initial work this summer), I'll be putting together a series of Ned & Terry scripts. That's right. Scripts. I'm going to be learning podcasting and Big Finish style audio work. Not only do I want to make magic for others, but it couldn't hurt to try something that's just mine.

Come fall, I'm also going to start going to cons. Start making recommendations, please!