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The coming year.

So here's the deal.

This past year, I pulled off both a divorce and a college degree. Pretty big achievements, and I want to keep up the pace for next year.

To this end, I've signed up for a project I believe in, and am looking for sponsors.

Up in Milwaukee, the Optimist Theatre is comitted to bringing free Shakespeare to a population that is rapidly losing the arts right and left. Last year, their production of 'The Tempest' was a smash hit, and next year, they're producing 'Twelfth Night'. I've signed on to help fundraise, and to this end, I'm putting my body on the line.

Next year, I'm committing to losing 75lbs, just over 6lbs a month. I'm asking people to sign up and commit to a specific amount per pound. Those who sign up will get monthly reports from me, and every other month, the Optimist Theatre will send out an email requesting the dollar amount for the weight lost in the period. This helps cover the costs the Optimist incurrs over the year, and helps provide the arts to a community that needs it.

I'm a supporter of the Optimist. I believe in their mission, and the founders are a part of my family. I ask that you consider doing this, both to support me, support the arts, and get a tax break at the end of next year.

If you want to take part in this, email me or leave me an LJ note. If you want to, instead, just fund the Optimist directly, go to their page at Optimisttheatre.org, and make a donation tagged 'For Rowan'. :) 

Thanks. This concludes this year's whoring.

The Bristol Mystery Tour 12/4

Tiny toy store better than big toy stores - check
Freaky EVP readings - check
Animated rendition of 'Yes Virginia' - check
Elite Belgian Chocolate Praline? - check
Fancy soaps? - check
Steamed Buns on State Street? - check
The Winter Garden in the Harold Washington Library? - check
The poster store by the art institute? - check
Finding -the- image that triggers good memories of your friend's Ma? check
Coffee while watching the ice skaters? - check
Uncovering the madness of McCormack? - check
Finding the secret entrance to Water Tower? - check
Watching the christmas lights? - check
scoping the punks and lolitas while having a burger? - check

Feel free to schedule your own personalized Bristol Mystery Tour at any time.

"I would be completely stupid not to believe in magic, because it seriously is all around me.

I have a friend, I kid you not, who is one of those people who pop up in your life just to show you the wonders of the world around you, places you didn't even know exist in the city you've spent your entire life in, and take you to a place where something amazing happens, and when you go back the next day it turns out it's an abandoned warehouse and nobody knows what you're talking about. Because
[info]rowandoll is magic."

You really know how to humble someone, Kevin.

And did I tell you about the Krumpus parade in Milwaukee? ^_^

Coordinate a Day 282

Coordinate a Day 282
Originally uploaded by littlerowan
As we get to the end of the first year of Coordinate a Day, I'm beginning to experiment with different styles in post-production. The nice part was being able to alter the environment to make it as pinkish red as possible, and set it in twilight for the face effect. Then some saturation, some sharpening, and a nice 60's photo effect.

...God, this is fucking pink.
And I realized I needed a librarian for my backlog.

I contacted a friend in New Zealand, and she introduced me to Nezumi. She says she has a lot of work ahead of her, and I read too many comics. 

SHE'S SO ADORABLE. She has a key and a pocketwatch, and is all nerdy...

More Nezumi love can be found here

 Nezumi the Librarian

Oct. 13th, 2010

 So, what's been going on since the last post?

Wow. It has been a while. 

To sum up:

Graduated college with a 4.0. Woohoo! I threw a great barbecue party, and had some great friends over.I got some kickass stuff too. 

Joined the board of the Bruised Orange Theatre Company. And tonight, I took the crew of Made of Fail to see their signature show: I Saw You. I hope to help make these guys rock. 

Still geting my 'no school' bearings. It's hard not having that stress. In balance, I've been playing Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, Scott Pilgrim, Blur, Hydro Thunder, Death Smiles, and Limbo. In addition, I'm finishing Mad Men and Rubicon, and watching Caprica and Boardwalk Empire. Also, I'm continuing my Coordinate a Day project on Flickr.

This year's halloween is going to be attending and helping out with the Port Washington Ghost Walk. It should be fun. Granted, it's not scampering in costume, but...

And speaking of roles. Just got this lovely bit of art!Lei Lei!Collapse )

The Faun Set

Originally uploaded by littlerowan

Ellie, our friend Krissy and I did a photoseries using Violent Seductions 'Nymph' skins and costumes. Some are at a photo studio, some are at a weird high-mist place, and some in an enchanted forest. I'm really proud of how the whole set came out.

So what have I been doing with my time?

On tuesday last, I turned in my final assignments for school. I'm comfortable talking about it today, because I'm officially past the point where someone could send my papers back to me and ask for rewrites. I'm done.

The stress of it all caused serious abdominal pain on tuesday morning, so I called in sick, and got my work done. When I realized I'd finished everything, I was shaking. I called my mom, who gave me some good advice, and since the soreness was abating, I took a walk. The walk provided me with a chance to get breakfast, get my quarterly comic stash from comix gallery, and hit the liquor store. As the absinthe craze is finally fading, I thought it was time to give it my first try. Bought a bottle of pernod, and made my way home.

At home, I first tried the absinth with ice water. -LAME-. The visual effect is cool, but the taste was meh. I then proceeded to pour myself another glass to try it straight.

As a preface to this, know I am a licorice fan. I try every variety I can find, and am especially fond of salted licorice.


The taste was fantastic, and I was coming upon a rapid realization that I was well past tipsy. So I went upstairs, and played videogames until Tery returned. I know I was talking to him. But I was talking to him in a strange fusion of Bernard Black and Father Jack. I couldn't stop. He thought it was outrageously funny. We then plowed through a bunch of episodes of Ashes to Ashes. Upon realizing I had a choice between cooling down, and being completely unable to talk, I started drinking water. It was then I found out I couldn't do the accent anymore.

Wednesday was my first free day in years, so I went and saw 'The girl who played with fire'.

Thursday, I did a staged reading of 'Geeks Vs Zombies' by one of the staffers at Bruised Orange. I also hit Marshall Fields to get some candy for my upcoming trip (really obnoxiously colored stuff to match my plans with my friends), and have some Godiva. The candy merchant, Christian, was a hoot. He gave me a coconut truffle to allay my suffering at the price of the godivas, and flat out refused to put the godivas and my lollipops (did I mention they are obnoxious?) in the same bag, lest the lower-class confections contaminate the truffles.

Friday was Fried Chicken and Scott Pilgrim with Tery. Loved it. Life is richer in two-player co-op.

Saturday was getting more stuff for the trip, using the candies as a color-reference.

Sunday I rested. Lots of movies and videos and laundry.

Monday night, we watched Tru Blood and Mad Men. At the end of a rather uncomfortable episode of Mad Men, AMC announced a 'drink shaker' app for the iphone. Tery looked to see if he could get it for my Android phone.

"Do you really want to see me plastered every week?"

"I want to see what other accents you can do!"

A good week.