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Oh wow...

 There's an artist on FA, Kii Kitsune. She's into lolita, and wanted to do representations of the different lolita styles with members of the FA community. Apparantly I got chosen for Qi lolita, the chinese themed variant:

I'm in awe. My silly little pandaboi never looked better. Thank you so much, Kii!

In other news, I've gotten started on my fitness challenge for the year. I'm not letting it stop me that it's all of 4 degrees out, and I am in no way fit for this. I still have to flesh out my podcast plans, and get ready for Arc to move in. I'm panicking, but like with school, I'll find a way through. 


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Jan. 5th, 2011 02:49 pm (UTC)
That's pretty much amazing, Ro. I've never seen much chinese-influenced loli stuff before. Pandaboi looks good in red. ;)

You'll be fine, just remember the galactic hitchhiker's mantra and take things slow until you're ready. Let me know if there's any minion-type stuff I can do to help you out.
Jan. 6th, 2011 01:52 am (UTC)
You should always keep a towel handy, too...just in case.

And you do look lovely in red *grins*
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